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Dawson, Billy, and Pacey are on a boat

Just 3 cool dudes hanging out on a ferry.

This week on Creek of the Week, Eric & Josh watch a great season 1 classic.  On the previous episode, Boyfriend (Creek of the Week Episode 8), Jen’s ex came back to capeside and basically caused Dawson to get dumped. In this episode, Dawson is super sad about it and, when running into the ex that caused it, decides to go on a road trip with him. Dawson is great at decision making.  Pacey doesn’t want to miss out on this action so he’s in for a fun Dudes-day-out.  Meanwhile a creep at highschool is claiming to have boned lil Joey Potter, so she and Jen hatch a plan to make him look the fool.  This show is contrived and silly and absolutely wonderful.